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BLAG 60000 Final / 1 CD
Art.Nr.: BLG009

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BLAG is a single-cd distro with everything desktop users "expect" from a desktop, plus a collection of nice server apps.

BLAG 60000 is a new series with a new base (FC6) and many new applications.

Featuring all of the applications below on JUST ONE CD. Burn copies and hand them out! It's got it all. Did I mention it's all on just one CD?

* kernel - Yes! One of those. 2.6.18-1.2869. Note BLAG 60k is compatible with i686 (~Pentium II or greater) processors.

* Democracy Player - Very cool Internet TV program. Download high-quality shows straight to your hard drive. Don't settle for little windows in a web browser! :)

* inkscape - enabled with inkboard so you can collaboratively work on drawings via jabber!

* Audio players - "listen", is a cool app that integrates playlists, album covers automatically, lyrics, wikipedia lookups, group playlists, everything. The minimal rock-solid xmms is there as always.

* mplayer & xine - Two top-notch video players, plus mencoder to re-encode audio and video

* Video editor - That's right, edit video--it's on the CD. Kino for basic usage or cinelerra for serious movie production. Then edit DVD menus with qdvdauthor.

* DVD Ripping - Well, that's what it does. Thoggen! So easy to use, straight to theora format. For CDs, there's the venerable grip.

* audacity - Edit soundfiles with a lean, easy to use, but powerful sound editor.

* Gaim - Handles jabber, AOL, MSN, IRC, ICQ, Yahoo, and other Instant messaging networks--all in one program. Includes encryption and "off the record" plugins for privacy.

* Firefox - The famous web browser, of course

* Thunderbird - Nice email client

* streamtuner - Tune into streaming radio stations on the 'net! Plus with streamripper, you can record 'em.

* MuSE - Or instead of just listening, broadcast your own station with MuSE and icecast!

* yum / apt - Both yum and apt are available with pirut and synaptic GUIs. Download from our repo of 7,000 /free/ packages.

* Gnome - User friendly yet powerful, Gnome is the main desktop that BLAG is built upon. Fluxbox is on the CD too....

* games - A few of those even....

* 3D Modeling World famous blender is on the CD should you decide to make the next great computer graphics movie!

* GIMP - Edit photos & images, put Bush's head on anything you want, have at it...

* Font Editor - Create fonts! Edit existing fonts.

* Peer-to-peer - Bittorrent and a gnutella client, sitting right there on the CD waitin' for you.

* Blogs - Get blog or any other RSS feeds with liferea, gpodder for audio blogs, and gnome-blog for uploading your own blog posts.

* gnome-translate - Conveniently translate text or websites.

* kiax - Make free phone calls around the world to landlines, mobile phones, and VoIP phones with this one-of-a-kind service from the BLAG project BLASTERISK.

* Document Layout - scribus for anything from pamphlets to long books!

* Office slock - abiword a lightweight word processor, gnumeric lightweight yet powerful spread sheet, and glabels does its job so well.

* GCC - Since 2002, BLAG has not had a compiler on the CD--compilers have been available on the DVDs or in the repo. With BLAG 60k, gcc, plus a few basic bits are available immediately should you need to compile a new kernel, modules, or whatever.

* Server bits - apache for webserving, vsftp ftp server, and postfix for SMTP. Openssh's server is included, along with a dhcpd server and xinetd.

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